Saturday, 17 May 2014

Reasons to have another baby

I am not actually considering having another baby for real. That would be ridiculous. But I have become very interested in the reasons why people decide that subjecting themselves to double the amount of torture is a good idea.

Here are my personal most favoured reasons (which coming from a sleep-deprived mind may not be entirely sound):

- increasing the longevity of this blog. I've grown quite attached to rambling.

- Well I've got all the stuff now, highchair, buggy, car seat, cot, a billion toys and a trillion clothes. And most of its hardly been used. I'm not one for wasting anything.

- As much as I hate the things to be hated about being a parent, I love the things to be loved a lot lot more. Apparently it only gets better with 2.

- They can play together. Thus finally leaving me free to do my own things (ha, as if)

- I'm intrigued to see what another Boo would be like. Another version of the same genes. I'm a big fan of science. 

- If it's a boy then he can still get away with wearing most of Boos old clothes (there are some benefits to being fierce anti-gender-stereotype-types)

- A planned second baby is a sure sign that we've made it in life. Proof we have risen up from the hard times and messiness of the unplanned first one, now with jobs a flat and the impression that we know what we're doing.

- I want another crack at the childbirth thing, I think I could do a lot better next time now I know what to expect. Basically, start the gas & air asap then demand an epidural at the correct time, read magazines while pushing. Simples.

- Also ickle babies are soooo cute, and I kinda miss all the cooing attention from strange old ladies.

I think the reality though, is we're still a long way off from being financially and emotionally stable as a family to bring another sweet living thing into our crazy world. 

But, I want Boo to have a sibling, I promised her that I won't subject her to the same lonely hell I went through as an only child. So, with any luck there will be another baby one day, but its certainly not in the pipeline (or fallopian tube?!).

Tiny Baby Boo :-)

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Why I can't do a serious job

In my experience of working, I've noticed two distinct types of job. The one where you have to be serious and the one where you can be yourself.

Owing to the inescapable fact that I'm apparently one of those 'kooky people', I am inclined towards the latter job type. Motherhood is a great example of this, as you child demands you, you do it best when you are yourself. 

My favourite, most beautiful, unserious employer

Sadly mothering doesn't pay the rent, and serious jobs do, albeit requiring you to be a better, more efficient, compliant, driven, customer focused person than you really are.

But part of me really does want the thrill of climbing a ladder, the security of a pension and an easier time when filling out forms (credit card applications, etc). I sometimes catch this part of me applying for serious jobs. I even ended up with one.

The architects firm where I currently work is a prime example of a job where I (and the others who work there) must pretend to be professional at all times and appear to be genuinely concerned about the welfare of the company and clients, at the expense of my own health and sanity. The part of me that wants a serious job such as this was recently overturned by the bigger part of me, who came to the logical conclusion of 'screw this'. And so I decided to leave.

I also decided, sick from all the unrealistic person specs I've been reading, to write a job specification. If a job wants me, this is the criteria it must adhere to:

- I can stay home and look after Boo if she's ill without feeling guilty
- I can take a lunch break without feeling guilty
- Not stressful
- Not commuting into central London
- Maximum 4 days per week
- Overtime is paid
- Worth doing (ie not pointless/destructive to the planet)
- Co-workers & directors are nice, down to earth people
- Casual dress code

It is completely ridiculous that to get by in life and not face total destitution, we as humans must repackage ourselves and often go against the things we are good at, giving up a large portion of our time on the planet to the whim of someone else, often for a cause that is unnecessary. You might say, "well tough this is the way things are, you're lucky to even have a job". I don't believe we should settle for things when we know we can do better. Society can do better than offer crappy minimum wage toilet scrubbing jobs to people who are capable of much more, but simply unable to find something else. Lucky are those who genuinely enjoy their jobs and find meaning in them.

My ideal summer outfit for work (coconut optional).